European Job Search

As i am currently looking for a job in Belgium/Netherlands, i was curious to see how many job openings are out there for IT professionals in Europe. To satisfy my curiosity, i have put together a little web application called European Job Search. It still has some minor flaws, but already can give results you wouldn’t expect (many php jobs in the Czech Republic, anyone?). The map itself is SVG based (see my previous posts about building it), and i am sorry to say, but it will NOT work for Internet Explorer users.

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SVG support in 2008

As I mentioned in an earlier post, I have been playing with SVG lately. I haven’t done any SVG for many years and I was curious how the browsers support them by the end of 2008. The overall picture would be quite satisfying, if our good old friend Internet Explorer wouldn’t ruin it all. The root of all problems is that IE6 and IE7 (i have no info on IE8) do not support SVG natively but by using the external Adobe SVG Viewer, which is going to be discontinued BTW.

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…so recently i was playing with SVG, and i wanted to embed an older version of this map of Europe into my html . Currently it is about 500 KB, but as far as i remember, it was even heavier. Pretty bad, if you want to inline it, and your visitors have to download it. So how did i reduce the size to one tenth of it? gzip? Yes, gzipped version of SVG exists, but not when you inline it, so its a no-go in my case.

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