…so apparently iBuildings fired up a new techportal, with editor-in-chief as Cal Evans. Cal recently moved to The Netherlands to join iBuildings, before as we know he was doing the Zend podcasts from the US. (What happened with the podcasts anyway? I loved to listen them while going to work.) The techPortal already has some nice articles, like debugging development and getting started with phpUnderControl, and it also promotes the 2009 WinPHP Challenge.

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The slow echo

…so i was about to profile a web application written in php, and as all of us does when doing so, i scattered the code around echoing microtime differences. (Ok, ok, some of you might use log instead.) To my greatest surprise the part where the application showed significant slowdown in some cases, was a simple echo statement. Well, i wont be able to optimize that, will i? Why can this be happening?

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PHP RSS parsers

…so the other day i figured out that the parser i used so far (LastRss) was not able to read Atom feeds. Since our beloved Blogger only publishes atom feeds i needed to find a cure for the problem. One easy solution is to ask FeedBurner to convert between rss and atom, which works pretty well, but better not mess with the Gods, lets do it the proper way. Then i came across this blog entry, that compared some of the existing solutions.

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If you have been already preparing for Zend PHP5 Certification exam from the official study guide, you know it has many annoying errors and misleading statements. Up until the beginning of April there was no forum/listing where you could cross-check the errors, but now we have this errata in our hands. Its pretty complete, i only missed two thing that i noticed myself while i was studying. I added these in the comments section of the page.

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