Hi all, sorry for being silent for a while, but in the past weeks i had a lot of things to do. From one part i have moved to a new apartment where is still no Internet installed, from the other hand i was on holidays. As a result my feed reader contains around 700 unread items i should browse through when i find a little free time in the office:)
Looking back the most important thing that happened during the time is the release of the new Firefox.
To have an overview what other browsers are doing quirksblog made a writeup.

My personal experiences so far w FFX 3
- better memory usage - i can run the browser for hours, still get a memory usage of around a 100 and sth Mb.
- faster user experience, faster tab switching
- all my extensions work, EXCEPT firebug …ah i would need that so much!!!
- my own extensions work, i only need to change maxversion number
- the magicbar, or whatever it is called, i dont really like, i like the logic of ordering, but i think its hard to see the url, and that is what usually important for us …maybe i will get used to it

Happy browsing everyone!

- firebug seems to have a beta version that works with FFX3, so far i experienced no problems with it
- Google browser sync seems to be discontinued. I will have to search an alternative solution to sync bookmarks.

- Foxmarks is an excellent replacement for google browser sync so far
- although the memory footprint of FFX3 is much better, i often find myself in situations when the processor usage is unreasonably high (around 50%). I have to restart my browser to stop burning my CPU. No good.
- i am getting used to wonderbra wonderbar :)

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