Hi folks,

There have been some activities recently around the project that i’d like to inform you about:)

Firstly, i have imported all the source code into an svn repo at imgmap.googlecode.com.
Anonymous checkout is possible, commit is only for project members (if you are interested in this, drop me an email)

The source will soon be packaged into a new release as soon as everything is close to stable:)

Apart from including some long-awaited examples how to use the editor, the two big stars will be the tinymce and fckeditor plugins.

The tinymce plugin, is close to stable, thanks to John Ericksen who helped a lot with it. It might still fail on IE, if any of you have any confirmation of this, please use the googlecode project issue tracker. This plugin is separately downloadable at the moment.

The fck plugin i have just started last week, and with the help of some our fck experts i think we can finish it pretty soon:)

I am planning to create some wiki pages for the project, first an FAQ article, so if you have any questions feel free to bomb me with them.


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