On my personal page you can read about my past and current projects, read my CV, follow my areas of interest and my latest blog entries. Since i am a travel addict, you can also see some of my photos taken on my various trips.

Most important areas of interest:
Open Source Software
In the past years open source software has emerged to great heights. The brilliant minds and the great community behind these projects help us get better software in shorter time. I keep on being an active developer on the scene, as I see great potential in the Open Source scheme.
Accessibility, Usability, Productivity
Humans interact with computers in a number of ways. Giving them tools and interfaces that are simple and straightforward to use is key in the 21st century.
The Web
Some 10-15 years ago the World Wide Web was a bunch of static HTML pages. Today, it is part of our everydays with its clever applications and services. Web applications are extremely flexible and accessible from anywhere, that's why I enjoy creating and using them.
Artificial Intelligence
Solving problems that are easy for humans but difficult to computers is always exciting and challenging. Computer game developers are often facing such challenges, and I am happy I was involved in some of them.
Online payment systems
I had the luck to work with some web based online bank payment systems. The different concepts and approaches are always interesting.
Database Management Systems
I have done a number of data migrating between different RDBMSs. Being aware of the similarities and differences of such systems is an interesting and challenging task.
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Latest from my blog
Google Tag Manager (GTM) is a great online tool to manage pixels and code snippets to be included on your sites. Setting up containers for different sites and copying tags, rules and macros between them however is a real pain in the ass. GTM at the moment doesn't support this, however, with a little Greasemonkey magic, everything is possible. That is how the Google Tag Manager Import Export
I was quite surprised I didn't find any good online css editors. I have a simple textarea of css selectors and attributes, and I wish to offer some kind of help to the user in editing those rules. The best tool I found is called Sky CSS Tool, and it does a lot of fancy things I like, however it doesn't support attribute generation from the CSS Code itself. Also the project is pretty much left
Well, i usually dont blog about games, but this is something historical:)We have all been waiting for the sequel of the popular game Duke Nukem for well over 10 years, and it seems like the wait is over. 3D Realms went broke, and it is questionable if the game will ever be finished.As Guardian newspaper games writer Steve Boxer said: "Sadly, Duke Nukem Forever was the most aptly named title in now available at the elgg community site.It is based on the previous version of bothy4g, just aligned with the new Elgg version.
The new release has improved support for IE8, contains two new examples how to use the library with ExtJS and Xinha, and also comes with a brand new Xinha plugin. Watch out, plugins and AIR executable now come as a separate download!You can grab the latest pack and plugins here or here.Version 2.2 changelog:* Updated excanvas to r3 - should solve IE8 problems* Added Example with ExtJs integration