The new release has improved support for IE8, contains two new examples how to use the library with ExtJS and Xinha, and also comes with a brand new Xinha plugin. Watch out, plugins and AIR executable now come as a separate download!
You can grab the latest pack and plugins here or here.

Version 2.2 changelog:
* Updated excanvas to r3 - should solve IE8 problems
* Added Example with ExtJs integration, thanks to Colin Bell
* New callback event: onDblClickArea
* Fixed Issue 21: Example 1 and soon online editor supports background change
* Fixed Issue 23: Possible to click on area in highlighter mode and fire a callback (follow the link)
* Added Xinha plugin both as an example and a separate plugin
* Examples got renamed to reflect what they do, plugins got separate packages, top level folder is now included in them.

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