…so apparently iBuildings fired up a new techportal, with editor-in-chief as Cal Evans. Cal recently moved to The Netherlands to join iBuildings, before as we know he was doing the Zend podcasts from the US. (What happened with the podcasts anyway? I loved to listen them while going to work.) The techPortal already has some nice articles, like debugging development and getting started with phpUnderControl, and it also promotes the 2009 WinPHP Challenge.

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If you have been already preparing for Zend PHP5 Certification exam from the official study guide, you know it has many annoying errors and misleading statements. Up until the beginning of April there was no forum/listing where you could cross-check the errors, but now we have this errata in our hands. Its pretty complete, i only missed two thing that i noticed myself while i was studying. I added these in the comments section of the page.

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I am about to start a new project based on ZF, the library looks like a beast to be tamed at first sight, i still need to learn a lot about it. I was doing some preliminary investigations how to use Smarty with its Zend_View component. A lot of info on the web looks outdated, but i found a great blog here (and old version here). Jani is a young Finnish developer-jedi, and i really like his writings about ZF and templating engines, just to list a few of them:

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Becoming ZCE

Ok, so here is what kept me busy last week. Now i am officially Zend Certified (PHP5) Engineer :) This is an archive post. It represents a point of view in the past. Facts might have changed, events might be interpreted differently as of today. Links might be broken.

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