…so you were a good programmer and you have added javadoc style comments in front of your javascript functions/classes/methods? Good boy! Now lets see what you can do with them. Solutions in order from worst to best (just to keep you entertained): Javascript Documentor (JSD) It is java based what would be super useful in ant scripts, however it expects me to write comments like: 1 2 3 /// <name>MyFunction</name> /// <param name="param1">The first parameter passed in.

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…so try to access a file input’s value property in FFX3. What do you get? The filename. What do you get in IE and FFX2? The filename AND the path. Well, if your script has been relying on this behaviour, you might find yourself in trouble. So far the only solution i found hides in the comments section of this post (great showcase of new functionality on the other hand btw).

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