SVG support in 2008

As I mentioned in an earlier post, I have been playing with SVG lately. I haven’t done any SVG for many years and I was curious how the browsers support them by the end of 2008. The overall picture would be quite satisfying, if our good old friend Internet Explorer wouldn’t ruin it all. The root of all problems is that IE6 and IE7 (i have no info on IE8) do not support SVG natively but by using the external Adobe SVG Viewer, which is going to be discontinued BTW.

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I recently came accross this site. Great to spread the word amongst people stuck with IE6. Although i am not that big fan of IE7 either, and i would definitely change the order of the recommendations. [UPDATE: the above link was removed. Read on here.] Why IE6 sucks? There are many issues, just to grab one, it is poor CSS support. Related to this there is a new doc from Microsoft showing the css selector support in running versions of Explorer.

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