Image map editor in ExtJS

All the effort that was spent to make the imgmap library as extensible as possible was not in vain! Colin Bell took the lib, and planted it inside ExtJS. Very nice job, it will be included as an example in future releases. Thank you Colin! NOTE: double click to edit area properties. This is an archive post. It represents a point of view in the past. Facts might have changed, events might be interpreted differently as of today.

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If you like Ext JS, the new 2.2 version brings out some nice features for you. No question Ext is a great library and worth to play with, despite the recent disputes around the license change from LGPL to GPL. My only frustration with Ext was only a few days ago, when i was about to make modifications in an open source project that had an earlier Ext 2.0 bundled, but not fully!

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