I was quite surprised I didn’t find any good online css editors. I have a simple textarea of css selectors and attributes, and I wish to offer some kind of help to the user in editing those rules. The best tool I found is called Sky CSS Tool, and it does a lot of fancy things I like, however it doesn’t support attribute generation from the CSS Code itself. Also the project is pretty much left alone for a number of years.

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CSS frameworks

Some time ago CSS “frameworks” were growing out of the ground like mushrooms after rain. Now we have at least a dozen, and the number is growing. I have always wondered what similarities/differences they have, who knows, i might use one of them in the future. The answer comes from Eric Meyer, who has made some comparisons recently, which was summed up Jeremy Keith in this article. A good reading if you have two minutes.

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CSS Naked Day

Tomorrow is CSS Naked Day. Strip all your styles from your webpage, if you dare! I think i won’t be that bold, but its an interesting initiative from Dustin Diaz, and so far some 700 sites have joined. This is an archive post. It represents a point of view in the past. Facts might have changed, events might be interpreted differently as of today. Links might be broken.

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I recently came accross this site. Great to spread the word amongst people stuck with IE6. Although i am not that big fan of IE7 either, and i would definitely change the order of the recommendations. [UPDATE: the above link was removed. Read on here.] Why IE6 sucks? There are many issues, just to grab one, it is poor CSS support. Related to this there is a new doc from Microsoft showing the css selector support in running versions of Explorer.

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