…ok, the new version contains some major changes so watch out, if you have any bugs or kinks to report, please do so. You can grab the latest pack here or here.

Version 2.1 changelog:

  • Separated most drawing-specific and gui-specific codes. This means easier integration with ANY kind of user interface.
  • GUI specific functions went to default_interface.js
  • JSDoc toolkit based documentation using modified outline template of JProton.
  • Updated all examples to use separate interface code and map handling code.
  • Removed example 5, since all examples use callbacks now.
  • Fixed issue when dragging areas in Safari will cause selecting all kinds of things.
  • Fixed issue when scrolled image in Opera will result drawing with offset.
  • Fixed Issue 13 : Suggestion: image url with timestamp
  • Fixed Issue 14 : Javascript error in MSIE
  • Fixed Issue 17: Doesn’t work with Adobe AIR 1.1 - new package built with latest SDK
  • Internal and generated html shape names are HTML conform (circle, rect, poly)
  • Zoom (scale) functionality (new function scaleAllAreas, new property globalscale)
  • Zoom introduced to all plugins.
  • Added CSS output and Wiki output formats.
  • Added bezier (quadratic curve) support (just for fun, not standard image map shape, disabled by default)
  • Updated FCKEditor example to use latest FCK.
  • TODO: Elliminated some memleaks using drip.
  • TODO: update tiny
  • AIR queries are now synchronous.

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